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Purified enzymatic preparation, accelerating the lysis of yeast cell walls to increase the mannoprotein content of wines. It promotes the glucans lysis, improving the wine filterability.

Particularly indicated to improve the organoleptic characteristics of wine, especially after the refinement on the fine lees, providing a complex and intriguing range of aroma and giving softness and volume to the treated wines. Added a few days before filtration, it makes the filtration process of difficult wines easier, accelerating the clarification precipitation by wines obtained from botrytis-affected grapes.

To improve wine filterability, the 15 days-treatment at a temperature above 10°C can be done at the end of FA and on finished wine. By the management of separate lees, it allows to fluidize solid lees or to make ready the finer ones, reducing the treatment time. If added together with LIFE LONG, the contact times and are shorter and it reduces the wine agitation.

Contact time reduction of LIFE LONG.

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