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Natural egg-white enzyme. It is a natural product, essentially acting against lactic bacteria (Gram-positive bacteria), it has no effect on acetic bacteria, and it doesn’t influence the alcoholic fermentation kinetics. It doesn’t modify the organoleptic profile of wines.

It acts in the following hours after its incorporation, on contact with cell membranes, reducing the malolactic bacteria population within 12 hours. The eventual use of clarifiers during the treatment removes the product from the wine.

We recommend the following steps to get the best results:

  • Never use bentonite or tannin simultaneously with ZIMAISO, as it is absorbed; falls down with bentonite or creates turbidity with tannin and rapidly loses its activity;
  • Use a few days before bottling. The treatment causes a light flocculation, wait for the flocculation-settling before filtering and bottling;
  • By white wines, pay particular attention to protein stabilization. The use of lysozyme may increase instability in control tests, giving false instability.
  • The addition of metatartaric acid to wines containing residual lysozyme causes immediate turbidity.
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